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An intuitive approach to Hatha Yoga inspired by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli


Day Workshop: Thursday 16 March 2-4pm 

Yoga Weekend: Sat 18 & Sun 19 March

10am-12:30pm | 2-4pm  ONE PLACE REMAINING


WHERE:  Sivananda Ashram, Beaconsfield


COST: $75 Workshop  | $300 Yoga Weekend 

Full Residential (2nights) $150 TWO PLACES REMAINING


ABOUT THE SESSIONS:  Caroline will take you on a journey throughout your body, with love, attention and patience. You will begin to experience something new, it starts as a faint whisper but ends up singing out loud and you begin to understand what its feels like to be really alive in this wonderful body of yours.

‘Movement is the song of the body’ Vanda Scaravelli

Throughout the workshops and classes we will explore the body's diversity of movement. We will be discovering the shapes of our bones moving within our skin, creating a natural momentum of movement, a rhythm, that arouses our curiosity, leading us on a journey of deep integration, freedom and ease. The breath is the keystone to our yoga practice and we will explore it sincerely, searching for the mysteries hidden within our unique rhythms and unlocking insights into who we are. The body becomes light from the dance of the breath, the flow of energy within us and our awakening spine. Asanas become easy to move into and the body begins to find its natural flexibility again as we relearn to move without force and constriction.


Workshop sessions will encourage self discovery and self acceptance in an open, inclusive forum where students are able to ask questions, seek help, bond, explore and discover so much.

PRESENTER:  Caroline Hutton - Scaravelli inspired yoga 

Caroline begun practicing yoga in 1997 and started teaching in 2008. Originally inspired by Vanda Scaravelli, Caroline’s yoga teachings take direct inspiration from her teacher Diane Long, who she started working with in 2003.
Caroline’s passion and purpose is to help people find freedom in their bodies once again, allowing them to rediscover their essential power and vitality and the beautiful intelligence of their spine no matter what their age, size or state of health.

More about the yoga, from Caroline:

Scaravelli Yoga is a gentle yet demanding form of Hatha Yoga, which focuses on developing your 'true' core strength through releasing tension and creating freedom in the spine.

It is about the 'not doing', that the less one does, the more one arrives, that one must 'with' not 'against' the bodies intelligence. It is about rooting oneself to the ground and allowing the force of gravity to be the base of support, in order to be able to extend the upper part of the body. 

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