morning meditation         

Early Morning Meditation is open to our yoga community with hand sanitising and social distancing maintained.


Weekday Mornings i​n Satsang Room

6.30am to 7.30am

Please bring a towel or blanket to place over cushions



Monday:      Raquel Ashram resident              

                   Swami Venkatesananda leads          

Tuesday:      Chinmaya Saraswati Ashram Manager 

                       Guided Meditation         


Wednesday: Raquel Ashram resident   

                        Yoga Sutras Recording (30 mins) into the                          Silence - alternate with Gayatri Mantra                            Recording into the Silence

Thursday:     Justin Ashram resident   

                        Kirtan/Japa Meditation

Friday:           Raquel Ashram resident   

                        Silent Meditation

Listen to this series of Audio recordings with members of our Sivananda community