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CrackedNot your ordinary workshop: artist's images capture the magic of fire You could be forgiven for not knowing the name of the young man setting his hands to a great fire in a London back yard. But if you look closely at the pots, cups and dishes he is making as he heats stones and ingredients to make his signature tea, you will discover that his name is William Hunt and he is an artist. William's passion is working with fire and fire has been a fascination of his since he was a child. As a teenager he was fascinated by fire as a tool of destruction, but as an artist, he found it's creative potential too. He now uses fire to create stunning works of art which he sells to collectors. Over the years he has explored the wonderful possibilities of fire and has found ways of using it to create his art, using his hands and a variety of tools to create new works of art. William said: "It is fun working with fire and using it to create art. "Fire has been used for thousands of years and is a powerful source of energy. "It has been part of daily life since the beginning of time and it has developed many different ways to be used. "When we see a fire in the flames of a candle or a fire on a barbecue we often think we know how it works and then we find out that there is so much more to it. "When fire becomes a tool for art, we can use the heat to make things and the flames to create something really beautiful. "When it comes to art, it is like a box of fire you can open and find many different things inside." Bill says that one of the most interesting things about working with fire is how it reacts with different materials. He often works with clay because it doesn't burn when it is hot and this lets him try out ideas as they come up. The day before he is due to show his work at a gallery, he finds himself looking forward to the experience. "I enjoy the long process of designing the piece before starting to fire it," he says. "On the day I make the fire, I am thinking about the work I am doing and the ideas that I want to create. I don't think about what will come of it but I am always happy when it works and the piece is created. "I




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Crysis Warhead Crack (clean) Repack

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