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WHAT: A Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon residential retreat, vegetarian, organic, the only dairy is ghee, gluten-free with one gluten option.


WHEN: 5pm 18th November until 3pm 20th November


WHERE:  Sivananda Ashram, Beaconsfield; live-in, single/twin share.


COST: $350pp includes all meals


BENEFITS:  This weekend program will remove toxins from the GI tract, coupled with rest, yoga and time in sacred space with like-minded people.  Lightness, peace and self-care will be an experience to promote - one need not do everything to have a positive outcome - and the retreat benefits do not end there - take the heart of the weekend and the self-care habits home with you.


PRESENTER:  Meta Doherty, IYTA Yoga Teacher and Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultant.

CONTACT: 0478 570 401 or for further information.


PROGRAM:     Friday there is Ganesh puja to bless our weekend together, a light dinner, an overview of the cleansing program for the weekend, a private oil self-massage which helps relax the nerves and tone the skin and a shared ayurvedic facial massage; and taking of a mild purgative that will work overnight to release toxins in the GI tract.

                            Saturday is a day of rest. We practice yoga, chanting and meditation. Then a demonstration of cooking a sattvic (pure, light and freshly made) meal with which we complete the morning fast. Afternoon holds free time, yoga and meditation, another type of facial, another self-massage, a sattvic dinner and exchanging head massages with oil, which will glide you off to sleep. There will be silence until after breakfast the next day.

                            Sunday, a yoga practice before breakfast. A meditation practice late morning. Cooking lunch together, then chanting, bring us to early afternoon and the official completion of this phase of practice.

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