Come Home to Yourself:

A Day-long Energy Medicine and Chakra Journey Retreat

Saturday Oct 8th | 10-4pm


With spring here, it’s the perfect time to hold space for the inner and outer transformation that’s occurring. Perhaps you just need some time away from your regular life for some deeper space and listening. Are you going through a shift and need energetic support? Maybe you’re really curious about energy and want to experience new ways to meet your most subtle self. Or perhaps you’re already well-versed in energetic practices and ready for a new depth, inspiration, support, and discovery. The day will include specific chakra journeys, the art of the Vision Quest (Cat’s signature version of yoga Nidra), as well as energetic tools in managing and understanding anxiety and much more!


Join Cat Kabira in this day-long intensive in which you get to deep dive into energetic practices to support you where you currently are. You’ll leave this day-long retreat feeling grounded, lighter, refreshed, and inspired as well as tools and practices to support you moving forward.


All of Cat’s work is tailored to the true needs of the individuals who show up. So come as you are, get ready to relax, meet yourself in a new way, discover something new, and feel a level of flow, restoration, revelation, and power moving through you. All levels are welcome.

Yoga for Rejuvenation

Monday Oct 10th | 2-4pm


Enjoy this slow, mindful, and fluid practice with Cat as you journey through your whole body. Using breath, a quality of deep attention and slow movements with some held postures, rejuvenate your whole body. We will include practices for taking care of the back, softening and supporting the shoulders, balancing the pelvis and hips, as well as relaxing the neck. Leave feeling lighter, taller, relaxed and delighted.


Cat Kabira weaves her knowledge of yoga with pilates, Feldenkrais, craniosacral therapy, gyrotonic expansion system to create a seamless class that meets the needs of her students. This is an invitation to feel on a whole new level.


The Art of Listening: Biodynamic Yin

Wednesday Oct 12th | 2-4pm


Ready for a little yin+? Join Cat Kabira in her signature “Biodynamic Yin '' that combines longer-held restorative poses and an opportunity to dive into your subtle energetic body. This is your opportunity to meet yourself on a much deeper level, sense your own energy field, create more flow in your body, ground and restore in a new way and go on a refreshing and enlivening inner journey. You’ll leave feeling lighter, clearer, and more grounded all at once and connected to yourself in such a satisfying way. 


Cat weaves energetic wisdom that’s her own unique and potent blend of biodynamic craniosacral therapy, shamanic practices, and simply the magic that she was born with. Part of Cat’s magic is her ability to meet you exactly you’re at and give you the elixir that you need. Show up as you are. All levels are welcome. Modifications are given for any injury. Can’t wait to see you there!

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