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About Graeme...


My 40 year love " curiosity " with  the Yoga tradition has taken me to the schools of the the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai, the Ramani Iyengar Institute in Pune, The Bihar school of yoga in Bihar, Yoga Niketan in Kashmir and Rishikesh, Kaivalyadhama Ashram in Lonavala, and as well to many lesser known centres of yoga teaching, throughout India and abroad. 


have watched in amazement at the growth of the Yoga Industry, with it's insatiable need to add more and more products to its saleable list of "must have" items ....and at the same time been dismayed at how Yoga moves closer to becoming yet another consumer item.


My journey has taken me to the feet of teachers like the Dalai Lama and J Krishnamurti, Lama Alan Wallace and Roshi Robert Aitken, and led me into the extraordinary non dual perspectives of Advaita Vedanta,  and the Dzogchen teachings of Mahayana Buddhism.


And an in depth exploration of Thai massage, surprisingly, added a dimension to my yoga postures, that picked up on the energy line work of that system ....


I continue to explore.


And yet, despite the many and varied approaches of all these different teachers, the underlying message is always the same ...." that behind the obscuring "noise" of the phenomenal world", with its emphasis on individuation and separation, there is an ever present and unchanging connection.  And unless we learn to live this connection, there is no chance of a life, where happiness is more than a fleeting experience.


In a sense Yoga turns the Scientific materialist world view, on its head, so we are not bodies with Spirits, but rather Spirits moving in bodies...! 


Just as a single match can start a forest fire, so too,  can a single experience of the unchanging leave a burning impression on our psyches.


Yoga gives us the match !

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About Heidi


A student of the practice since 1997, Heidi Woschnak is an experienced Yoga Teacher of 15 years that has allowed her offering to evolve thru the passage of her years.


With her training steeped in hatha, vinyasa, yin and forrest yoga, she offers a class that tends equally to the mind, body and spirit garnered from her own wisdom of navigating life.  

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Monthly Yoga Workshop


with Kellie Brett

Our Ashram is offering you the opportunity of working with yogi, Kellie Brett, every month!


You will find her "gently carving a personal practice" a deepening experience in the true spirit of yoga.

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