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Bhagavad Gita and the Gurdjieff Method


10-week study of the Bhagavad Gita (Song of God) as a pathway of self-realisation through Vedanta & the Gurdjieff method.

Tuesday 21st September   

7.30pm – 8.45pm


Simon Moore, long time student of the Gurdjieff method, along with Meg and Ian Meyer also long time Gurdjieff method students and also long time Vedanta students, direct a study of the Bhagavad Gita.


Using the understanding of both Vedanta and the Gurdjieff method to explore this seminal text in relation to the pathway of Self-realisation.

The Gurdjieff method involves a psychological discipline which requires making inner psychological efforts to:

  • remember oneself

  • observe oneself and

  • the practice of non-identification.


This discipline offers a strong support to the spiritual student seeking self-knowledge. With this inner practice it is hoped that the textual study will become not only an intellectual exercise but a study of ones inner processes as described by the Gita.


All attendees will be asked to commit to ten weeks of study, comprising of one evening meeting per week and some homework involving reading and practical tasks of self remembering, self observation and non-identification.


Five Gurdjieff students as well as long-term Ashram residents and the Ashram’s wider community willing to make the commitment.



Contributions due by Sept 30


There is great energy in new beginnings.

Our Ashram library book will be a snapshot of this time and place, and will be displayed for our reading enjoyment in the library. It will become part of the history of yoga for the IYA and Perth.

Below is a mock preview of the book: in this example the number of words is just under 200 and the photos are random!

All contributions are welcome and encouraged, to commemorate you and us, from one word to 300! I will use your font if the publisher offers it as well.

As I work with the layout, we can also incorporate your photos of the ashram and yoga centre. Please send the highest quality you can, include approximate date taken and any other info you deem useful.

Does anyone know a publisher that would print 1 or 2 books?  

Any questions, email me: metadoherty@iinet.net.au 

Thank you!