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back care yoga

all bodies, ages, sizes & flexibility

with Dru Yoga Teacher Colleen Ryman

15 Participants only


This General Dru Back Care Yoga Class for the preventing of back pain is a gentle, graceful flowing yoga with all movements originating from the spine -- directed breathing and relaxation techniques that include affirmations and visualisation.

 “My class has modifications for those who need them so they can access the benefits of yoga fully.” Colleen Ryman

Colleen is an accredited Dru Yoga & FinY Yoga Teacher.

In 2019 she completed the Dru Yoga Back Care Post Graduate Course in the UK and brings this specialist knowledge to this course which is designed by physiotherapists, osteopaths, yoga therapist & GPs

sept yoga brain.jpg

Yoga Brain


Join me for this experiential 8 class brain boosting tune up using the science of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.

Over the course of the 8 weeks we will work with specific kriyas to activate, oxygenate, energize and bring conscious intention to particular parts of our brain.

Kriyas (frictionless actions) will target specific areas of the brain. Some of the results or benefits you may notice are:


  • Cognition being enhanced by sustaining focus and increasing blood flow and grey matter .

  • Stress reduction and reduction of anxiety by down regulating stress hormones and encouraging the relaxation response.

  • Mood improvements by stimulating the areas of our brain responsible for positivity and dopamine production