welcome back to the yoga hall

The decrease in restrictions is great news as it means that we are on the road to recovery. However, the restrictions do not let us become a fully functional Yoga Centre as we were prior to Covid-19. Please read the below information to ensure you understand the restrictions and changes that are in place.


What do the current restrictions mean? 

  • Classes held in the Yoga Hall are limited to 25 students. Students will be able to view how many Face-to-Face places are available in each class on the class schedule and booking pages linked to our Punchpass booking system. Once full, classes will no longer accept bookings.

  • ONLINE BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL for Face-to-Face Yoga classes, paid in advance online.

  • Classes are not able to be purchased at the Yoga Centre.

  • Cancellations need to be made 24 hours in advance.

  • NO equipment will be supplied by the Ashram for students (exceptions apply to Restorative and Dru Back Care classes ONLY). You will need to bring your own mat & equipment as you require.

  • Currently our Punchpass system requires you to purchase a pass then make a separate booking, this just means two actions instead of one.


What else do you need to know?

  • We are restricted to a maximum of 25 students per class to follow the governments current social-distancing policy (this allows for both the 1.5 metre rule between each person and the 2m2 space requirement).

  • To ensure all students have the opportunity to book Face-to-Face classes we will monitor bookings so that access to classes is fair and equitable.

  • Our hall will be cleaned/disinfected as per government regulations, between every class.

  • Hand sanitiser will be available at the hall and all students are requested to adhere to Hygiene Protocols.

We will continue to update our website with any amendments to our available services.

Please be patient as we navigate through this new phase and if you have any queries or concerns please contact us via email.