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back care yoga

all bodies, ages, sizes & flexibility



starts: Tuesday 20th April

with Dru Yoga Teacher Colleen Ryman

15 Participants only


This General Dru Back Care Yoga Class for the preventing of back pain is a gentle, graceful flowing yoga with all movements originating from the spine -- directed breathing and relaxation techniques that include affirmations and visualisation.

 “My class has modifications for those who need them so they can access the benefits of yoga fully.” Colleen Ryman

Colleen is an accredited Dru Yoga & FinY Yoga Teacher.

In 2019 she completed the Dru Yoga Back Care Post Graduate Course in the UK and brings this specialist knowledge to this course which is designed by physiotherapists, osteopaths, yoga therapist & GPs

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Raising Vitality

Transforming Depression


Depression is a highly personal experience, presenting in varying degrees with a multitude of symptoms. Anxiety and depression can overlap and come in waves for many people. 


Yoga sees anxiety and depression as being disorders of prana which can challenge and break down the nervous and endocrine systems, resulting in the person feeling as though they are unable to carry out 'normal' challenges - regular things may become too difficult. 


To support moving away from these tendencies we can re-pattern the systems through yogic practises such as pranayama, mantra and kriya. 

When the biology is shifted - the states will also shift. 


In these classes we will begin to address the quality and frequency of 'low' thoughts through movement of the body - particularly the spine. This can support a change in mood simply by allowing the cerebrospinal fluid a clear passage into the brain.


Through our practices we will reflect on our own truth and the concept of 'self' as it relates to depression or low states and look at avenues for improving vitality, touch into self animosity, self denial and self rejection and how these can relate to our beliefs around other people's observations of us.


Activating our own resources, raising our energy, cultivating vitality and shifting the frequency of our thoughts allow us to move into stable, clear and vital states where we can express health.


This series is for everyone regardless of whether you identify as living with depression or not. No yoga experience is necessary.