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About Frances Fuller (Anand Sangeet )


Craniosacral Therapist, Somatic Resourcing Therapist and Therapeutic Yoga Teacher. 

Delivering therapeutic classes for  supporting people with stress management, chronic conditions + reduction of symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD and trauma.


My primary goal as a practitioner and teacher is sharing tools for self empowerment, increased self-efficacy and an improved ability for neuro-sensory integration- the ability for the nervous system to receive and integrate life experiences.


A background in Human Services (Mental Health + Learning Disability) and personal success using somatic protocols as self care tools whilst being treated for neurological issues and anxiety led me to train as a Somatic Therapist and be able to share these amazing tools.


In my experience, self-regulation and grounding in safety within your body in present moments are both paramount to living a happy, vital, calm life.


The science and technology of Kundalini Yoga works deeply with the angles and glands of the body and expansively with the nervous and sensory systems.

We increase our awareness by meeting our infinite self, sitting with ourselves in a way that allows us to touch into the

 ‘I Am’ and have more space in our nervous systems in order to follow our inner guide and remember our true unbounded potential.


I offer elevating, uplifting Kundalini Yoga Classes and evidence based trauma informed protocols for recovery or reduction of symptoms of chronic Conditions, PTSD, anxiety, depression and traumatic stress.


Kundalini Yoga Therapy and Somatic Resourcing can support students to reduce symptoms of stress, to increase resilience, stability and rhythmic strength whilst improving self-regulation skills.


September Brings Spring!

Let’s look at the immune system, how to support, invigorate, nourish as we emerge from Winter.  

Inversions are a huge part of any Iyengar immune sequence support, together we’ll look at headstand and shoulder stand, the king and queen of the asana!

The workshop will be suitable for those with 6-12 months + of practice.  It’s not necessary to be able to do the inversions, but come with curiosity to find out what might be possible!

See You There!