Frances Fuller - 8 week course

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Anxiety is the experience of nervousness, uncertainty, worry, fear or panic and can often be linked to stress, overwork or trauma.

It is the most common mental health condition in the western world today with adults, children and teens experiencing symptoms when the body, mind and nervous system are trying to cope with or adapt to the 'everything now' mentality of our demanding society.

This 8-week series will provide learning and practice of specific Kundalini Yoga and Meditation techniques to counter the physical, mental and emotional experience of anxiety and stress at the state level and the trait level.

Students will learn practical and effective tools that provide immediate relief from anxiety, as well as ongoing practices to assist with better sleep, stress management and a restless, busy mind.

In shifting the biology, we are able to shift the mindset and chemistry - our self regulation can improve. With better self regulation we can tend to our various states and consciously adjust to meet our nervous system.

By increasing our resiliency and restoring rhythm we are able to feel more safe and less activated.
In this space, we can approach our being with curiosity and develop skills that can support nourishing thoughts and calm sensations.

No experience with yoga or meditation is necessary.This series is open to everyone.

This is a Therapeutic Series, the work is progressive and a commitment of 8 classes is required.

Occasionally, students need to miss a week and that is absolutely ok and wont impact the student experience.    


Frances Fuller