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Zoom Tips

Thank you for supporting our classes, we look forward to welcoming you online! Please find some practical information about upcoming classes and some tips for using this online platform below.



- Firstly , having a designated space for you to have your practice away from distractions is important.

- You'll need a computer, ipad or iphone and a good internet connection - make sure your audio and video are ON and the volume is turned up.

- Please ensure your chosen device is either fully charged or connected to power as the online class will use a significant amount of battery life.

- A mat and any props that adds comfort to your practice such as a bolster, a blanket and blocks.

- Comfortable clothes to practice in.



Link to class: If you have not used Zoom before, it is really easy. You will receive an email with a link that will take you directly to your class, once when you register via our booking system and again approx. 20-30 minutes prior to the start of your class (please check your junk email/spam folder if you can’t find our email in your general inbox). If you need to enter a password to gain access, this is also included in your email. If you have registered for a class and have not received a link to your online class 15 minutes prior to your class commencement time please re-register online (link below) and you should receive the link immediately. You will only be charged for one attendance.

When joining the class please make sure that your name on your zoom account is the same than your booking name, if it isn't the case, kindly rename yourself on Zoom. One way to do it is:

  1. Select Participants, located in the bottom toolbar of the meeting window.

  2. Hover over your name and select More (desktop), or tap your name (mobile). 

  3. Click or tap rename

  4. Enter your desired name and click Rename (desktop) or Done (mobile).


We also invite you to put your video on at the start of the class so your teacher can meet and greet you, we understand that some students prefer not having their video on during the class yet we recommend to keep it on so your teacher can keep track of your practice, just as they would in a regular in person class.


Zoom message ‘waiting for host to start meeting’: This will appear if you are early to class or the teacher may be resolving issues their end. It usually rectifies itself and you will automatically join once the teacher is connected to Zoom. Your teacher will open the class approx. 20 minutes prior to the class start time and will greet you online like they would a face-to-face class. Prior to the commencement of the class your teacher will automatically mute everyone else in the class.


Audio Settings: When launching zoom you will be prompted to “JOIN WITH COMPUTER AUDIO” please click on that tab. You can access your audio settings and test your audio when you are already in a meeting. In the meeting controls, click the arrow next to Mute/Unmute. Click Audio Options.; this will open your audio settings.


Video Setting: Please turn your camera on by clicking on ‘Start Video’, if you have the available bandwidth to do so. It is really useful for teachers to be able to see you for a more interactive class. This is not essential and is a personal preference, the choice is yours. You can set your screen to either ‘gallery view’ where you will see lots of participants at the time or ‘speaker view’ to ensure you see your teacher on the larger screen instead of other students.

Finally, every device is unique and therefore settings and displays can be different depending on your device. We recommend familiarising yourself with Zoom, you find many different tutorials following this link:






Please continue to contact us if you experience any issues, big or small. Please email any comments or concerns to or for any urgent assistance to access your class or for issues experienced during your class please call our on-call Tech Support:


Patricia Roux         0420505220 Tech Support – Administration

Sherryn McHugh  ​0438933595 Tech Support – Administration


We hope you find this information useful and that you can confidently continue to access our online classes, our teachers are dedicated to providing them to you.


Please email us if you have any queries.

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