Integral Yoga Association Governance

Our Ashram

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The Integral Yoga Association of WA will:

(a) Provide a spiritual environment with deep respect for Swami Venkatesananda’s legacy and for each other;

(b) Promote the knowledge understanding and practice of Yoga;

(c) Offer teachings in Integral Yoga;

(d) Provide accommodation to visiting Swamis and Yoga Teachers/Masters;

(e) Maintain, manage, and operate the premises currently known as the Sivananda Ashram and Beacon Yoga Centre at 151 South St, Beaconsfield, Western Australia;

(f) Raise funds, maintain, and manage all assets acquired by and or used by the Association for the purposes outlined;

(g) Maintain a library and promote the teachings of Swami Venkatesananda and Swami Sivananda;

(h) To promote and carry out charitable work for the benefit of disadvantaged individuals, groups of people and organisations; and

(i) To make donations of any kind to needy charitable purposes. 

IYA Chair 2021/2022

Craig Wright

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Shobha SV.webp

Shobha Day in 1982 with Swami Venkatesananda 


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Swami Lakshmi Ananda

91 years in 2022

Founding Member


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Ashram House Manager

Chinmaya Saraswati


IYA Constitution click to download

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