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Kirtan Sunday Evening

Yoga Hall  6.30pm - 8.00pm


$15 entry   ​​


Come along to this warm and friendly evening of group chanting led by our esteemed Ashram Kirtanists. This is a great way to experience our Ashram community. 


Kirtan at Beacon Yoga Centre is conducted every Sunday 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm in the Yoga Hall. Please check our website schedule of kirtanists hosting the event. Bolsters and chairs are provided. There is space for dancing as well. The practice of kirtan begins with call and response. Handouts are provided. Food is not permitted in the Yoga hall, bottled water only.


Please purchase a kirtan pass online through our website and arrive early.


Doors open 6:15 pm.   please be seated by 6.20pm




“Kirtan is the easiest, surest, quickest, safest, cheapest, and best way for attaining Realization in this age. Most people are not fit to practice hatha yoga, austerities, meditation, or any other yoga sadhana. But the yoga of singing the Divine names is within the reach of all.


There is an infinite power in the Divine names. It will remove all the impurities of the mind and brings one face to face with Reality. Kirtan will enable you to realize the Infinite here and now. During kirtan a special spiritual power comes from the Indweller of your heart and purifies the heart and the mind.


Kirtan gives you strength to face the difficulties in the battle of life. Singing the names is a mental tonic. Therefore sing the Divine names always…Practice, try and feel it yourself.


Sing the name with feeling (bhav), love (prem) and faith (shraddha).”

              Swami Sivananda Bhakti Yoga

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