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Short Term Retreat Stay

Ashram Stay Options

Ashram Day Retreats

You are most welcome to be part of Sivananda Ashram Beacon Yoga Centre, yogic community for a day.


Day retreats are $55 and allow our yogic community to fully immerse themselves in the Ashram lifestyle. Our Member rate is $40.


The Sivananda Ashram Beacon Yoga Centre offers an extensive residential community program in the pathways of Integral Yoga, through service, practice and study.  Your stay includes your own room, linen is provided, meals, one hour karma yoga duties, yoga classes, attendance at morning meditation and evening program. There are no prerequisites for staying at the Ashram other than a willingness to participate, please acknowledge acceptance of our attached Code of Conduct. For more information about our Ashram, Hatha Yoga classes and evening programmes please check our website


You will have access to our extensive Ashram library. Books can only be borrowed by Members.


Please advise what day you would like to make a reservation for your Day Retreat stay at Sivananda Ashram and send us an email. Our Ashram Manager is Chinmaya.


  1. Morning Meditation

  2. All Yoga Classes

  3. One hour of Karma Yoga duties

  4. Meals

  5. Access to the Library and Ashram grounds

  6. Private room for the duration of the day

  7. Complimentary Wi-Fi access

  8. Tea making facilities are also provided


   Ashram daily schedule

    6.30am          Morning Meditation

    8.30am          Breakfast

    9.30am          Yoga Class

   12.30pm         Lunch

    4.30pm          Yoga Class

    5.30pm          Dinner

    7pm                Evening Program   (Mondays – Parliament & second Friday of each month, Sivananda Satsang)

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