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New Moon Yoga Nidra

6pm | Satsang Hall

In our every day life we have many “triggers”. The ping of our phone, police siren, loud machinery etc. these triggers activate the sympathetic nervous system for “fight or flight”.


When we practice yoga Nidra we activated our parasympathetic nervous system for “ rest and digest” slowing our heart and breathing rates, lowering our blood pressure and promoting digestion. Encouraging a state of relaxation which fosters recovery. An antidote for our busy noisey lives.

Come lie down and listen to Bobi’s soothing tones guiding you into a more peaceful state. 

Bobi has shared her passion for yoga Nidra for the last 20 years and been teaching at BYC since 2000.

Please bring your own mats, pillows and blankets to ensure your comfort for the experience.


Please be in place on your mats by 5.50pm.

havan march.png

Full Moon Havan Ceremony

Facilitated by:

Chinmaya our Ashram House Manager


Free Event  /  Donations Welcome

Ashram West Verandah

Please be seated 10 minutes prior to start

On each full moon a Havan will be conducted on the west verandah of Sivananda Ashram. In the Havan (Yajna) a fire is raised and participants offer oblations into the fire literally and symbolically to the accompaniment of Vedic chants.


All are welcome to participate in this meditative and greatly loved ritual​

2nd friday poster.png

Sivananda Satsang

See you the second Friday

in March 2024


Free Event  /  Donations Welcome

​Please be seated 5 mins prior to start

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