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Sivananda Ashram is now accepting residential applications


New Moon Nidra:

We are not able to offer new moon nidra sessions at the Ashram until further notice due to COVID19

We are however able to offer

Yoga Nidra online!

Yoga Nidra (conscious sleep) combines deep relaxation with attentive awareness - a 50 min. guided journey into calm composure with yoga teacher Bobi Ward in our Satsang Room.​ 
Wear loose comfortable clothes.


FULL MOON Havan Ceremony

After much consultation it has been decided that it is not feasible to continue with our Havan Ceremonies until the Covid-19 crisis is resolved.

On each full moon a Havan will be conducted on the west verandah of Sivananda Ashram. In the Havan (Yajna) a fire is raised and participants offer oblations into the fire literally and symbolically to the accompaniment of Vedic chants.


All are welcome to participate in this meditative and greatly loved ritual

Please be seated 10 minutes prior to start time.

Free Event  /  Donations Welcome

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