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New Moon Yoga Nidra

with Bobi Ward in the Satsang Room

Yoga Nidra is a powerful technique for inducing physical, mental and emotional relaxation in a conscious way. It is often called psychic sleep because it’s as though you are sleeping, yet you remain conscious (aware) at a subtle level. 

Nidra is suitable for all levels of fitness. Students lie down with their own mat, blanket and pillow and listen to Bobi’s restful words and crystal bowl sounds leading you through a journey of subtle healing. 

After approximately 50 minutes of yoga Nidra we share a light dinner. 

Please arrive and be comfortable by 5.50pm

We are social distancing as per Government restrictions so please bring your own mat, blanket and pillow.


Proven effective by scientific research, the practise of Medical Meditations can heal not only the body but also the mind.

These workshop style classes are based on evidence informed research by Dr Dharma Singh Khalsa MD, one of the world's most prominent Yoga Therapy Researchers.

By balancing and regenerating energies through simple meditations and kriyas, we unite the mind, body and spirit into a powerful triad.

Each of the practises we draw from has a specific physiological effect, targeting varied afflictions.

The combination of special postures and movements, exact positioning of the hands and fingers, particular mantras, specific breathing patterns and a unique focus of concentration can change your entire biochemical profile- easing you into a calm state.

Throughout these sessions we will be healing with the Chakra System, encouraging the nervous system to release held tension patterns + delving into the Mind-Power Effect.

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Full Moon Havan Ceremony

 Bookings essential

We are social distancing please bring your own towel to place over Ashram chair/cushion.


Facilitated by Chinmaya our Ashram Manager


Free Event  /  Donations Welcome

Please be seated 10 minutes prior to start

On each full moon a Havan will be conducted on the west verandah of Sivananda Ashram. In the Havan (Yajna) a fire is raised and participants offer oblations into the fire literally and symbolically to the accompaniment of Vedic chants.


All are welcome to participate in this meditative and greatly loved ritual​