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Listen to these recordings and learn these chants which are regularly performed at the Sivananda Ashram during events such as Havan, Jnana Yoga, Meditation.
Additional chants will be added to this page soon ....

Audio recordings may take a moment to begin ... be patient.

SahaNaaVavatuSwami Uditramananda
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Om Saha-Naa Vavatu

Sahanau Bhunaktu

Saha-Veeryam Kara-Vaavahai

Tejas Venavadheeta-Mastu

Maa Vid-Vishaavahai

Om Shantih Shantih Shantihi



may the lord protect both teacher and student

and may he cherish us both

may we work with full energy

that our gathering be perfect and give good results

may we never feel ill-will toward the other

(chant performed by Swami Uditramananda May 2021)

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