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Namaste Friends


Thank you for supporting the work of the Integral Yoga Association through your membership. Membership is $60 for 12 months - Jan 1 to Dec 31

By renewing or purchasing a membership not only will you be supporting the valuable work of our not-for-profit Association but as always, membership will provide you with:

• Discounted Hatha yoga classes

• Discounted attendance at monthly Yoga Days

• Access to the extensive Ashram library

• Access to a wide range of events and retreats throughout the year

• Regular e-mailouts

Once you have been a member for 24 consecutive months, you will be invited to become a Full Member. This will entitle you to attend Annual General Meetings, become a Board Member.

Thank you once again for your support throughout the year.

Kind regards
Integral Yoga Association Board
Sivananda Ashram Beacon Yoga Centre

Annual IYA Membership (expires 31st Dec)

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