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This book contains a series of nineteen talks given by Swami Venkatesananda to the students of the Yoga-Vedanta Forest Academy of the Divine Life Society (headquarters of Sivananda Ashram  Rishikesh, India) in 1980. Yoga students from all over the world came each year, and for three months undertook intensive sadhana. Central to that sadhana was the course at the Academy given by a distinguished yogi.  


Currently this book is featured on this website as an audio recording (available free of charge). In these valuable weekly recordings, Sobha Day reads from this book.


When purchased here online, $12 postage is added to the cost of the book. 

Alternatively, call in to the Yoga Hall and pick up your copy and transfer $5 to the Ashram as follows;

Pay by EFT using your Phone app or computer online. 

Please use your name and "PPPY" as a reference. 

The Integral Yoga Association of WA Inc.

BSB 306 048



The Philosophy, Psychology & Practice of Yoga

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