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Sivananda Ashram is now accepting residential applications

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Our Ashram remains closed, until further notice.


Tuesday Evenings i​n Satsang Room



Ashram front door opens at 6.45pm 

Please be seated by 6.55pm

Free admission.   Donations welcome


The ashram atmosphere and our focused attention creates a powerful environment to hear and imbibe the teachings. Come and be  fuelled and uplifted on the journey to the Heart.

These evenings are for everyone, from all traditions or if you are simply curious about ‘awakening‘ the jewel of yoga.

All Welcome !




Our Ashram remains closed, until further notice.

Join us in meditation at home from 6.30am to 7.30am.


Listen to meditation recordings by clicking on the Audio button above.

Weekday mornings 


At the heart of the Sivananda Ashram
is Guided Morning Meditation,

held every week-day morning from 6.30am - 7.30am.


* Leave shoes at the Satsang door.

* Cushions & seating provided.

* You are welcome to make yourself a cup of tea after  meditation.

Front Ashram Door opens at 6.20am 

Please be seated by 6.25am

Free admission.   Donations welcome


All Welcome !

Weekday Schedule


Morning raga sound and mindfulness meditation: Connecting with peace and presence through Classical Indian yogic music :

Branan Silivus



Silent Meditation



Yogic Meditation

  1. Establishing a comfortable steady sitting position and physical stillness.

  2. Working with the breath to gain control over the prana.

  3. Exploring different stages of pratyahara (training the senses to follow the mind within) and dharama (concentration).

  4. Developing stillness in the mind

  5. Practising "Drashta" state of Being (uninvolved observer)

Chinmaya (Ashram house manager)

Thursday: After enlivening the body with breath, we will take rest in the natural intelligence and willingness of mind and body to experience the subtle layers of Being. Creating the time and intention for this natural process is the key. These meditations will begin with gentle guidance followed by silence. 

Bindu (Beacon Yoga Teacher, Kirtanist)

Friday: Swami Venkatesananda's meditation 

Justin (Ashram resident)



Due to the COVID19 virus and the need to keep our community safe, our weekly meeting at the Ashram can be joined online.


This class is being conducted online on Monday evenings at 6.30pm. The class is also posted as a video recording each week. To find out more about joining the class, or to watch the video, please visit the link below.

All Welcome !

satsang fremantle - free



Due to the COVID19 virus and the need to keep our community safe, our weekly meeting at the Ashram Library has been moved to the Yoga Hall to facilitate social distancing.

If you would like to participate in our Sunday discussion group, please register your interest online at Punchpass. There is a maximum of 20 places available.

Yours in Yoga


Sunday morning facilitator

kirtan fremantle



Due to Covid19 our traditional Sunday evening Kirtan practice is not available until further notice.

Sunday Evenings  $10 entry

Come along to this warm and friendly evening of group chanting led by one of our esteemed Ashram Kirtanists. This is a great way to experience our Ashram community. 


Please be seated by 6.20pm

​* Leave shoes at the Front door.

* Cushions & seating provided.

1st Sunday        Branan      

2nd Sunday       Joanna

3rd Sunday       Chinmaya

4th Sunday        Bindu

5th Sunday        HariShakti

Chanting begins at 6.30pm and ends at 8.00pm, followed by a bowl of soup with participants in the upstairs kitchen at the Ashram.

All Welcome!