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Watch or participate in this series of video recordings with Meredith Forder, discussing aspects of the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads and Vedanta Treaties.

If you would like participate during the live recording, please register at Zoom (see link below) otherwise you may watch videos of past sessions at any time.

Everyday we are faced with challenges, both big and small. How we handle these challenges affects every aspect of our life — our health, wellbeing, work and relationships.

Vedanta is the ancient philosophy that presents the eternal laws of life and living. It provides practical and essential techniques to reduce fear, worry, anxiety, stress and depression; enabling clarity, peace and contentment in daily life.

Join Vedanta Practitioner Meredith Forder for this weekly online Vedanta class and discover ancient solutions for modern-day challenges.


Register online to participate in this class live and streaming on Monday evenings from 6.30 - 7.30pm



Meredith, thank you for wonderful class. Great way to start the day... Nina 🙏🙏 (Colombia USA)

Vedanta classes online! Wow! What an absolute blessing and opportunity this has been for me. Thank you so much Meredith for holding these classes. Living rural means attending classes physically was not an option. I am now able to attend weekly classes online and am so grateful for this. Vedanta has helped bring clarity and calm to my daily life. The more I learn and study Vedanta the richer and more peaceful my life becomes. — Jody Moorhead  🙏🧡 Jody 

I was skeptical about attending the online classes as I thought surely it won't be as effective? I was wrong :) It's not the same, but it's every bit as soul-nourishing as the real-life gatherings. Let me tell you why. I love jumping into zoom as I know that I will have an hour of clarity, self-reflection and a feeling of 'we are all going through this together' — guided by the very calm and wise Meredith Forder. I enjoy the discussions and leave with a clearer head and often the tools to deal with the complex problems I am facing in my life. The class is absolutely essential to me, especially in the current climate, as it's important to be able to pause, take a deep breath and learn ways of coping that will serve us well into the future.

Isis Nair

Meredith, I have just finished listening to your first video and it has set me up for my day beautifully. I was feeling amiss, not quite myself, but after listening in I am in a place of joy and feeling centred. Its amazing that I can now tune into your sessions from home in Albany WA 🙏  Jo

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