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yoga teacher training

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Beacon Yoga Centre is offering

Yoga Teacher Training

Course Begins Feb 2022 to Dec 2023

Deepen your exploration of the practice of yoga through a comprehensive and internationally recognised Teacher Training Course. This course will offer you strong foundations in the practice of yoga, in-depth methodology & teaching skills, a comprehensive approach to yogic philosophy & history, ongoing mentoring and support as well as an opportunity to appreciate a unique sense of community.


  • Course is Limited to 12 students maximum -

  • Working with a mentor to develop a personal practice for self-transformation

  • Learn postures, breath work, meditation, energy locks, Vedic chanting. 

  • Study yogic philosophy and how it can support you in everyday life. 

  • 400 teaching hours


Eka Yoga Institute 

600 hours Yoga Teacher Training and Personal Development Course


How is this course different?

  1. Ongoing mentoring & Self-study - You will benefit from a minimum of 10 hours of one-on-one mentoring sessions to develop and evolve a customised practice as your platform of self-transformation, building a long-lasting connection with your mentor in the process.

  2. Community - You will be part of a small group of only 12 like-minded individuals linked together, sharing experiences, growing alongside each other for two years, and most likely beyond. 

  3. Methodology & teaching skills - You will become familiar with a broad range of tools unpacked in great detail (over 55 postures, 14 breath techniques, several energetic locks and techniques of meditation, Vedic chanting, and more), firmly establishing yourself as a skillful and compassionate teacher in a respected lineage, for a total of 600 hours, well in excess of industry standards. 

  4. Practical yoga philosophy - You will examine the nuts and bolts of yoga’s philosophy and psychology, with forays into the major texts and the detailed study of Patanjali’s Yoga-Sutras, linking with concrete examples relating to everyday life.

  5. An established leader in Yoga Training for over 10 years - You will be taught by a trainer with over 20 years of experience teaching yoga internationally, leading retreats, and running teacher training courses since 2008. 


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