NO Kirtan Sunday 2nd May


Dear Students and Friends 

We are opening our yoga centre for those students who would like to attend a yoga class wearing a mask.


From tomorrow Saturday 1st May, classes will commence with the 7am class. Masks must be worn by students at all times.

  • We have extended all yoga passes for another week

  • Bookings online are ESSENTIAL and we thank everyone for supporting us in this regard

  • Please use marked positioning on entering the yoga hall

  • There will be no kirtan this Sunday 2nd May

  • The Ashram main building and grounds remain closed to the public.


We will be adhering to social distancing regulations and appreciate you bringing your own mat/blankets/bolster to yoga classes.
Thanking you and kind regards
Ashram Board


listen to OM
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Sivananda Ashram Beacon Yoga Centre has been serving the Western Australian community for more than 40 years.


Our Ashram has been the matrix of yoga in Western Australia since 1976 when it was founded by the great Indian sage and yogi Swami Venkatesananda.


Assisting the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of the many thousands of people who have attended its yoga classes, meditation workshops, live-in retreats and a multitude of other wellbeing activities over that time.

It is a beehive of spiritual activity. Every week it offers more than twenty classes in the practice and study of yoga and meditation as well as a variety of other courses and workshops.

Our ashram's meditation hall, vast library and residential buildings are accessible to members of the public who would like to gain an experience of what this amazing centre has to offer and to all who wish to avail themselves of its peace and serenity.

Set on half an acre, high atop a hill in Beaconsfield the ashram also offers residential accommodation for those who wish to live the yogic lifestyle whether short or long-term. 


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