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2018 AGM - Śobha

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Dear Friends

Om namah sivaya

Our 2018 AGM just past examined our last year in all its aspects and elected a Board to guide the Ashram in 2019. Shanker Madan – who is steeped in yoga tradition, philosophy and practice has come back to serve us as Chair. An experienced Executive: Ruth Barrett-Lennard (Vice Chair), Brad Cooper (Treasurer) Liz Pippet (Secretary) and returning Board Members: Śobha Day, Bruce Frederickson were joined by new members to the Board, Shakti Farrell and Uwe Oswald. This year Denise Cooper will serve in the office and Meg Meyer will continue facilitating in the Spiritual Programme.

At the AGM our retiring Chair Ruth had our Objects beautifully printed and presented on a large canvas. They are pragmatic and inspiring and Marion Perkins requested that they remain visible at the Ashram. Ruth assured her that they will. When things get tough, blurry, as a Member or Board Member, it is good to refer back to their guidance – they always guide so very well.

I am deeply honoured to become Patron of our Ashram. I thank those who put this idea forward and all the Members at the AGM who considered me worthy and voted to that.

We are aware that we are the living legacy of Sivananda Ashram Beacon Yoga Centre; the keepers of the flame – a flame that was lit by Swami Venkatesananda when he founded this oasis of yoga and meditation for all sincere seekers in the spirit of yoga “the relentless pursuit of truth”, as a place of study and practice of all the major yoga pathways (Swami Sivananda’s integral yoga) in 1976.

May the integrity of Venkatesa and his legendary Master infuse our minds and hearts and 2019 bring the highest good. In the words of our first Object, may we together “provide a spiritual environment with deep respect for Swami Venkatesananda’s legacy and for each other”

Yours in yoga

Śobha Day

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