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May Yoga Day

Dear Board,

I was privileged to attend this event with Swami Alokananda on Saturday.

As I arrived a tad late, and left before the extended session was over, I did not get a chance to say 'thankyou' to the teacher in person.

Perhaps you could convey to her my delight and appreciation for the time she spent with us. I'm a foundation member (life member) of Sivananda (Beaconsfield Yoga Centre), and while I don't attend classes, I do once in a while.

This teacher surpassed all that went before from my point of view and I took great benefit from her instruction and explanation of why we do what we do with the Asanas and Pranayama. The fine detail, the depth, couched in a certain level of humour, all made 'the medicine go down', effortlessly and I can only but wait patiently until her return, whenever that may be.

It was a truly magic and wonderful experience.


Robert Whitehead ND

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