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Yoga Intensive- Swami Uditramananda Saraswati May 2021

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

An invitation to immerse fully in ancient yogic teachings,

in good company with an authentic yogi is

our residential week's promise.

Swami Uditramananda spent six years with the Himalayan saints and in the Ashram of his great guru,

Swami Sivananda. He teaches internationally for the Divine Life Society (Sivananda Ashram India).

Retreatants sharing

Swamiji’s warmth and compassion for all beings is very infectious. Throughout the retreat I was internally challenged to reflect on my current actions and beliefs, providing the freedom to look within.

Every retreat my heart is prized opened further, providing the ideal opportunity to ‘reset’ . The sense of community created with others was warming and using Swamiji's guidance, I am well placed to navigate life’s challenges as they present.


It is a great blessing to attend a week long Hatha Yoga retreat at the Sivananda Ashram.

Even more so when the teacher is Swami Uditramananda.

Swamiji embodies the teaching of his master Swami Sivananda.

Serve Love Give Purify Mediate Realize

To be in the presence of a living Yogi has a profound affect on my being.

I am deeply grateful and thankful to receive teachings from Swamiji.

Jim Turner

I had a beautiful time at the retreat at Beacon Yoga Centre in May 2021. It was such a privilege to spend a week with Swamiji and fellow seekers on the spiritual journey. Swamiji's presence had a profound impact on all of us and is a testament to his lifetime dedication to yoga. I was filled with a sense of joy, lightness and motivation as I completed the retreat. My sincere gratitude to all those who spent much time and energy to ensure that the whole program ran smoothly. Also a big thank you to the volunteers who made delicious meals for us. Hoping to be part of the retreat again in 2022.


It was a personal challenge for me to commit to attending the week long Yoga Intensive with Swami Uditramananda. I wasn’t sure if I could endure a whole week of yogic practices and sattvic food, however, deep down I knew it was what I needed to do and so I confirmed my booking.

During the first two days on retreat I experienced some resistance and found myself (mostly inwardly) questioning the validity of our esteemed teacher. I was feeling grumpy and out of sorts and frankly I felt like leaving! By day three, I believe simply as a result of the purifying effects of meditating, practicing yoga asanas, chanting, sitting in the satsang circle, eating sattvic food and of course being in the excellent company with my fellow retreaters, I flipped over into a state of love and gratitude.

I floated along on a warm cloud of love for the remainder and I really couldn’t be more thankful to the Ashram for having provided the opportunity for me to be on this retreat. I thoroughly enjoyed being in the presence of the Swami who was always most gracious and fun to be around, despite my ups and downs. Questions were asked and questions were answered from within. I felt my body transition from its preoccupied worldly state towards a more relaxed and purified state (losing the arthritis in my finger!) and generally feeling blissful and connected with my environment.

It's now some weeks later and I am still gaining insights and feeling connected with the practices I learned on retreat. My daily routines have been re-infused with a spiritual dimension that is nourishing my relationships and life. I am eating better and following yogic practices daily. Wow this is fun!

Thank you


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