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reconnected with my innerself

I stayed 2 weeks at the ashram and wish I could have stay much longer to be honest. Before arriving there, I really had some personal issues, and it really helped me to have been there and lived there for a while. What I experimented for these 2 weeks really make me more peaceful and quiet inside.

Meditate every morning was a good way for me to reconnect with my innerself, as yoga did too.

The ashram recharge me a lot. The place is beautiful and peaceful. This way of life style was really interesting and different from what I experiment till now. The sound healing of friday evening was also one of my most amazing experience.

Fremantle is also a nice little city and for whatever reason, I felt really good in this city. It almost felt like home.

The ashram has a really good program for whoever want to reflect on his/her life. The people who was there was really nice, and I liked the connection we had between each other. I felt like I didn't have to hide anything from them and I just could be honest.

This place is really about personal growth which is different for everyone of course and made us connected in a way we all have to learn something from each other. I've learnt a lot during my stay there and I'm really grateful.

Thank you!


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