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Bindunada (Bindu) is very passionate about using sound for self healing which involves chanting and opening into your unique sound.


Yoga is a journey through the layers of awareness to Self and in this process there is a need to take responsibility for your journey making it your own.


She believes in having fun – playing with life – and falling in love with the many aspects of your human self.


Joy sits waiting in our hearts – waiting for us to just BE and celebrate life!!

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Fran's primary goal as a practitioner and teacher is sharing tools for self empowerment, increased self-efficacy and an improved ability for neuro-sensory integration.


A background in Human Services (Mental Health + Learning Disability) and personal success using somatic protocols as self care tools whilst being treated for neurological issues and anxiety led me to train as a trauma release facilitator and be able to share these amazing tools.


Fran offers elevating, uplifting Kundalini Yoga Classes and Evidence based ‘Trauma Informed Protocols for recovery or reduction of symptoms of Chronic Conditions, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Traumatic Stress and Trauma.


Kundalini Yoga Therapy aims to reduce symptoms of stress, to increase resilience, stability and rhythmic strength and to improve self-regulation skills.

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