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Swami Lakshmi Ananda 92nd Birthday 2023

Swami Lakshmi is the founding member of the Ashram and lived here for 40 years until she moved into a care home in 2016. Chinmaya and Denise were so pleased to be able to visit her for her 92nd Birthday, 8th February.

She is in a wheelchair and we pushed her to the coffee shop, she seemed to enjoy being outside and the weather was beautiful.

The place she is staying is very nice, the carers are thoughtful and lovely. She looked well and healthy. She is not able to speak. She listens and holds her baby tightly, her eyes are constantly moving, concentrating.

Chinmaya sang chants, she listened and closed her eyes. We read her a chapter of The Philosophy, Psychology & Practice of Yoga" by our Beloved Swami Venkatesananda.

We were grateful to have had some more time with her.

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