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O Mind,  

How many more births and lives 

Will you sleep in the web of desires 

From flesh to flesh, 

From body to body, 

From activities to activities 

Wake up from this long  

Night of Existence 

To the Blazing Sun of Awareness 

That you are 

That you are!! 


Shivaratri is the night we remember who we are and commit ourselves to Self- Realisation in this very life, at this very moment.  


Shivaratri is an age-old festival celebrated with different names among almost all old and ancient and old cultures from Greeks to Romans, Iranians and Europeans, Chinese and North American Indians. Traditionally it was celebrated at the time of Winter Solstice in Northern hemisphere as the victory of Sun over the long darkness of night. With time and progressive tilting of the Planet Earth, although Winter Solstice still falls in December but the old date when it first started thousands of years ago in India as Shivaratri has gotten fixed as a particular night in the old calendar.  


In Yogic thought Shivaratri is celebrated as the victory of Illumination or Self Realisation (Awareness - that I am Shiva) over the darkness of Ignorance from the time when we first appeared as life in the Universe. It has been a very long and dark chapter in our existence as life.   


Shivaratri (or the night of Shiva) is the night we commit ourselves to "Self -Realisation as the purpose of life.  


Come and partake in the musical kirtan, chanting of mantras, storytelling, shivalinga puja into the darkness of night. A light meal will be served to all prior to commencement of kirtan.  

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