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morning meditation                        Commences Monday 3rd February


Weekday mornings


At the heart of the Sivananda Ashram is Guided Morning Meditation, held every week-day morning from 6.30am - 7.30am.


Front Ashram Door opens at 6.20am 

Please be seated by 6.25am

"It is not the feverish activity in which you are engaged constantly that ensures your prosperity but the period when you are in meditation. That is the creative vacuum, that is the creative silence, the creative peace.” Swami Venkatesananda

* Leave shoes at the Satsang door.

* Cushions & seating provided.

* You are welcome to make yourself a cup of tea after           meditation.

Front Ashram Door opens at 6.20am 

Please be seated by 6.25am

Free admission.   Donations welcome

All Welcome !

Weekday Schedule

Monday:          Commences Monday 3rd February

Morning raga sound and mindfulness meditation: Connecting with peace and presence through Classical Indian yogic music :

Branan Silivus

Tuesday: Silent Meditation : (Ashram resident)



Yogic Meditation Chinmaya (Ashram house manager)

  1. Establishing a comfortable steady sitting position and physical stillness.

  2. Working with the breath to gain control over the prana.

  3. Exploring different stages of pratyahara (training the senses to follow the mind within) and dharama (concentration).

  4. Developing stillness in the mind

  5. Practising "Drashta" state of Being (uninvolved observer)

Thursday: Swami Venkatesananda's Guided Meditation : Justin Bell (Ashram resident)


Going into Oneself - Mindfulness - Chanting :

Swami Parvathiananda