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Listen to this series of Audio recordings with members of our Sivananda community

Additional meditations will be added to this page soon ....

Audio recordings may take a moment to begin ... be patient.

Meditation FridaySwami Venkatesananda
00:00 / 52:01
MeditationSwami Uditramananda
00:00 / 59:34
MeditationSwami Parvathiananda
00:00 / 42:07
00:00 / 1:00:05
00:00 / 27:55
Meditation Bilaval RagaBranan Silvius
00:00 / 50:25
Meditative RelaxationSobha Day
00:00 / 27:17

Relaxation is to the mind what a shower is to the body -- it's elementary hygiene. We need to practice regularly. 


"Time to Let Go" is an invitation to a deep cleansing of the mental, emotional & physical -- releasing tension, returning the system to equilibrium.  


Sobha Day was a student of Swami Venkatesananda and has specialised for the past four decades in the Art of Relaxation as central to her teaching of yoga and the techniques of meditation. She considers there is no more important daily practice than the practice of relaxation.

New Moon Nidra Bobi Ward
00:00 / 59:25
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