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In The Company Of Old Friends

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Dear Friends It's a privilege and a joy to be involved and see the "Spirit of the Ashram" flourish during this unique period. Whilst we know the Covid-19 virus is still a threat our Ashram is waking up and embracing a return to contact and opening the doors to direct communication. The virus has had an obvious physical impact through the imposition of online classes and physical distancing among other restrictions. There is also in evidence an enduring impact, if you are fortunate enough to have been able to visit the Ashram over the last couple of weeks, you may well have noticed an even greater level of generosity and goodwill in communication on the premises. It is a joy to be there and soak up the Spirit in the space of the place or in the company of old friends. Sivananda Ashram teachings are fundamental and unchanged, however, I’ve witnessed a heightened receptivity among many fortunate beings which is almost underpinned by an “unseen” presence. The seeds were sown in the initial Ashram response to the virus and amongst all those involved in promoting and implementing the continued Ashram presence on line. A labour of love. I encourage all who have not been able to return to the Ashram to do so as our program slowly opens. The Ashram is now offering a limited number of residential stays. Following on from our Chair’s last message “Perhaps we too need to take charge of our lives and refocus some of it towards what is the real purpose of life, why am I here and who am I.” Regards Brad Ashram Board Treasurer

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