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The Library at Sivananda Ashram

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Nearly five years ago our Library was revivified by Gavin Neilson, who began implementing a digital catalogue system, Librarika.

Sobha Day rallied the books into general categories and members Irena Brnic, and Meta Doherty, joined the ongoing project in the summer of 2016, via cataloguing and facilitating the Beacon Yoga Book Club.  

Funds for new books have been allocated over the last two years and we continue to create an archive of yoga in all its forms, to provide "the best yoga library in the Southern Hemisphere".

(All IYA members are welcome to join and use Librarika by sending a request to the Office via email. It lists all the books on the shelves and where to find them.)

The Ashram Library in the time of Corona

from Meta Doherty, Sivananda Library

Sanskrit root stambh: to stop, support, arrest, halt, make firm.

New books to catalogue at home but could not be brought to the ashram. I appreciate them deeply. Five that I came to know very well. No need to have rampant (synonym: pandemic) diversity; instead, having a few that provide support and make firm the bearing, ways and means of spiritual direction. Perhaps now we are also more skilful at ‘reading’ the feelings and expressions of the people around us. And of nature, who has taught us how close essence is when freed from the dense veils of excessive outward preoccupation.

Many times I have reflected on the inspiration that the ashram provides, wishing well for all those in its physical embrace at the moment and the rest of us in its virtual embrace. Grateful to those who organise and contribute to online offerings, keeping us connected. 

The Beacon Yoga Book Club has been uplifting - opening minds, joining hearts. I look forward to when we can meet again in person. In the meantime, choose a book you have easy access to for essential enquiry and perhaps share that at our next gathering. 

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