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Evenness of mind is called Yoga

Updated: May 13, 2020


Being in the good company of this true Yogi you will imbibe “evenness of mind is called yoga” as Swamiji opens the way to overcoming the obstacles we face in our daily life, to find deep inner peace through the practice of meditation.

Dhyaana or Meditation is the 7th step or limb of the ancient yogic system. It can Only be achieved by very courageous, determined sincere and Truthful aspirants. Techniques are many, as we all are different from each other, we need to have the method which suits the individual. It is said by the Great Yogis that the cessation of all mental activities culminate in Meditation.

Swamiji has been visiting our Ashram for many years and through his sweet and loving nature has won the confidence of so many here that we see his following multiply year after year. He has made a place for himself in the hearts of Perth devotees. He enriches this place through his presence.

Swami Uditramananda Saraswati recognised his guru Swami Sivananda Maharaj in 1961. He spent six years in deep sadhana with the saints and sages in the Himalayas. He teaches in Europe, Japan and India for the Divine Life Society (Sivananda Ashram, India).

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Dakota Kirby
Dakota Kirby
Sep 24, 2022

Thanks for a great read.

Beacon Admin
Beacon Admin
Sep 29, 2022
Replying to

Glad you enjoyed it Dakota, Swami Uditramananda will be back in May 2023.

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