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Jnana Sunday Group Online

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Jnana Yoga - Sunday Online

Sivananda Ashram’s Jnana Yoga Group has been meeting every Sunday morning for

approximately thirty years. I was asked to fill the facilitator’s role nearly five years ago. Some of

the core members have been attending for well over two decades and over time new members

have become integrated into a close knit group. A dedicated group of seekers, firmly established

in the search for truth based upon right knowledge. Every Sunday members meet in the Ashram

library with receptive minds, probing the mystery of being. Come rain or shine, over Christmas and

Easter nothing has stood in the way of this persistent enquiry into the Self… Until of course

Covid19 raised its insidious head.

When this corona virus became a dangerous reality, an emergency IYA Board meeting was called.

It was a long night, trying every which way to keep the Ashram program running. I proposed the

Jnana group be transferred to the yoga hall where social distancing could be practiced, or the west

veranda when the hall was in use. Emails went out and preparations were made, signs put up and

hand sanitiser sourced, but it soon became clear, as the 4sqm per attendee became legislated,

that there was no hope of a discussion group under these circumstances. It was with a heavy heart

that I wrote the email to our group members, that we would not be able to meet until further


It was only a matter of days before the leaders of our Ashram community were exploring online

options and Zoom was chosen as the platform of choice. With Sherryn and Shakti (Christine) flying

ahead, organising online hatha yoga, I began reading the communications and pondering the

possibility of online Jnana Yoga. Not in any way a lover of technology, somehow, I was carried to

the doorway of possibility and with a short three-week hiatus, on Sunday 12th of April, our

Sivananda Ashram Jnana Yoga Group, transitioned to the virtual world. Our first meeting had

twenty-one attendees, all engrossed and deeply pondering the wisdom of The Yoga Vasistha, our

current study text. I was amazed at how easily I became enamoured with the depth of thought and

discussion. The computer screen on my lap dissolved and there before me were my soul friends

and fellows in arms on this quest for truth.

If you have a yearning to know the essence of your being, if the question: Who am I? Drives you to

search the deepest levels of consciousness, why not take a risk and join us? Registering online is an

easy process, log on to the Ashram website and click on the pink Jnana Yoga link and select our

next Jnana meeting. You will find us very happy to have your participation. If you’re unsure, then

all you need do is listen, there is no pressure to speak until you feel comfortable to do so. There is

even a link to the online text.

Meg Meyer

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