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guest accommodation

Sivananda Ashram, Beacon Yoga Centre has accommodation available for those who would like to experience an ashram lifestyle.

Wake up to guided morning meditation, attend an inspiring evening talk or participate in a study group. Join a daily hatha yoga class, included in our accommodation price and browse through the library stacked with yoga, philosophy, religious and Self-awareness books. One hour karma yoga service per day. Enjoy the tranquillity of an Ashram lifestyle.


You will receive your own room with shared bathroom facilities. Spacious garden surroundings. Free access to a varied program of hatha yoga in our beautiful yoga hall. Access to our well stocked library of spiritual texts. Wholesome, lacto-vegetarian meals. A welcome into a working spiritual community. We follow the way of Integral Yoga which includes Jnana (the yoga of right knowledge) Bhakti (the yoga of devotion) Karma (the yoga of selfless service) Hatha (the yoga of the body and breath) and Raja (meditation).


We have a strict policy of no alcohol, no smoking and no drugs on the premises, non-compliance will result in termination of your stay.

Whether you are a local looking for time-out or a visitor to Perth, all this is available with an Ashram-Life Experience Short Term Retreat Stay.

Sivananda Ashram, Beacon Yoga Centre is just 3 kilometres from Fremantle and South Beach. A short bus ride will take you to Murdoch train station then into Perth.

Cost:  $90AUD per night/$440AUD per week

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