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The Ashram goes Online 2020

Updated: May 13, 2020

THE FOUR OF US: Denise, Jo, Shakti, Sherryn

Our Ashram, in a matter of days, moved from the Actual to the Virtual world. For this shift to happen, our innovative Board invested their confidence and support primarily in four people: OA Denise Cooper teamed with our Graphic Designer Jo Sharp; and our Vice Chair and Yoga Teacher Shakti Farrell with OA Sherryn McHugh. These teams in turn were supported by many others to successfully achieve the streaming of the Ashram’s yoga classes and spiritual programme.

As Denise said: “Having online access to yoga classes and evening Ashram programs is probably here to stay. We are now reaching yoga lovers and Ashram members around the world”.

In establishing Sivananda Ashram Beacon Yoga Centre’s success in this current situation, Sherryn and Jo working together has allowed our Ashram to connect with the world. “We have not had the time to offer this to our members in the past” Denise said.

“The past few weeks have been quite a whirlwind!“ Sherryn says, we have established a BeaconOnline Yoga Team, headed up by Shakti and full of teachers, with support staff all dedicated to delivering yoga in this new world we are trying to navigate.

“Everyone in the team has been pushed outside their comfort zones and have worked above and beyond to deliver interactive, connecting yoga classes to our loyal patrons as well as newcomers and we have reached several countries overseas already.”

Jo, in consultation with Denise, has redesigned the Ashram website to incorporate online streaming of yoga classes and our spiritual programme with the uploading of videos and audio recordings. Both Sherryn and Shakti report that much positive feedback has been received over the weeks via email and text as well as “glowing” feedback from participating students. The feedback through Denise and Jo around the spiritual programme, has been equally positive.

“There is no doubt” said Shakti, “that our students and patrons are so grateful that we have managed to put a service in place to support their yoga practice at a time when they most need to be connected to their Ashram”.

There have been difficulties, but the response has been almost immediate and united.

Such goodwill from technical volunteers, our teachers, the board, students and members continue to make this transition for our Ashram -- in the time of corona – a triumph

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