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Residential Guests Reviews

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

A truly unique and rewarding opportunity being able to stay at the Ashram.

They are incredibly generous in what is made available to you - all meals included, warm and very accommodating bed rooms (often to yourself or shared with one another person), use of the facilities - beautiful gardens, yoga classes (generally could only fit in one class a day around duties).

Felt very safe at the ashram as a solo female traveller - key pad lock system on the main doors, lockable bedroom doors. Duties are set around a schedule - some karma yoga duties will take up most of the day eg. breakfast, lunch and dinner cleanup. The experience is focused more around living the yogic/ashram lifestyle - you may not get the opportunity to adventure out or explore Fremantle everyday.

Guests and other workaways are kind and very easy to get on with, management is fair and approachable.

Ashram is located in Beacon - very safe area, close to parks, local food market, 20min walk to downtown Fremantle (amazing area to explore), easily accessed by bus.

Many unique and rewarding opportunities at the ashram - daily meditation, evening talks (Bhakti), gatherings of a various variety (Jnana yoga - discussion groups, Kirtan - a chance to sing all together), silent meals and access to the ashram's sizeable library. On the odd occasion events such as Ecstatic Dance (free form dance event) will be held in the area in which WorkAwayers will go to - highly recommend attending!

Overall a very positive experience and unlike any other WorkAway - so generous and such a rewarding experience! They will forever be the cream of the crop!


11th June 2019


Thank you so so so much!

It has been such a blessing to be here! Something I will keep in mt heart and share with other forever!

I have learnt so much and have been inspired so much!

I will keep in touch


Thank you!!!

Love Miki xoxo

This Ashram in Perth offers a wonderful and unique experience for workawayers just a stone throw away from the centre of Fremantle. As a workawayer, you will do 5 hours karma yoga, which means learning about yourself while volunteering for those 5 hours per day.

The whole experience is about personal spiritual growth and all the people you will meet here are on that path one way or another.

The Ashram follows the path of integral yoga, which means the path of body, mind, knowledge and rejoicing to inner peace.

Everyone involved is this Ashram is full of love and compassion. Your tasks for the day will be helping out everyone at the Ashram and may include cooking, cleaning, gardening and/or some maintenance work such as painting, for example.

An unforgettable experience

Robito (UK)


I was extremely happy to be here

I am sorry I could not say bye face to face XXX

Please take care




To all of you

Thank you for your warmth, your energy and acceptance

I’ve learnt soo much from you all and am soo grateful

Gratitude, peace & wellness extends

Heart Bow


Denise, Chinmaya and all

Thank you for allowing me here to share in the magic of this place.

I appreciate your efforts to accommodate me.

I have LOVED being able to experience different yoga teachers and the ways they run their classes, it has helped me see how one can get ‘too routine’ I a practice. I went to three different teachers – with such different techniques and really ENJOYED my experience. I hope you can pass on to all your teachers how much I valued their classes.

I hope to leave very early Sunday morning with a lot of driving ahead of me. I’m sorry I forgot to bid farewell’s last night. I will clear my room as much as I can (remember where to put things).

I wish you all well with your adventures and experiences

Best wishes


2nd September 2018

Chinmaya thank you so very much for your loving kindness and sharing so generously your spiritual knowledge and introducing me to the wonder of Niranjan so very heart felt. I cherish these special moments and so enjoyed our play and dance in the garden.

Marigold Marigold Marigold

I found a little wooden wheel barrow this morning walking back from the beach so cute maybe some flowers growing in it would be nice have left it would be nice left under the tree in the veggie garden.

Om see you soon Love & Love River


Thank you for being such a beautiful daily inspiration. Beyond that, thanks for helping me to feel so welcome and comfortable in this Ashram. Trust me when I say you are doing an awesome job.

Its admirable to see how much strength and trust you transmit with your presence only. Hope you keep finding more and more inspiration in this universe that hugs you every morning. I bet its no easy task to seem and be as strong as you are but believe me you are and can always do it in a beautiful and contagious manner.

As a Virgo my deepest respect for the Aquarius! My bestbestbest wishes for you wrapped with true gratefulness

Gia Relene Dominguez

To everyone at Sivananda Ashram Beaconsfield

A deep thanks for supporting my journey the last seven months.

I really fell like there has been some big shifts for me and am very grateful to Beacon Yoga Centre for that.

I am now looking forward to frequenting programs as an “outpatient”

I feel that places which allow you/us to be free, open and unobstructed in exploring truth are rare in the world so feel lucky to have stayed and wish for Sivananda Ashram and all involved eternal longevity and total human freedom.

Warm regards

Jonathan Henderson

August 2018

Dear All

Thank you for giving me the space to explore, learn, contemplate, connect, discuss, love and yes - also serve!

I couldn't have asked for a better place to stay at this stage of my travels/life. Feeling confident and positive about whatever there is to come in the future. It's good to know there are places like this out there!

Thank you all and Namaste


To everyone at Sivananda Ashram