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Swami Uditramananda Saraswati's Annual Live-In Retreat

The content of our retreat the "only way to peace" was around the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita Chapter II Stanza's 55 to 72

Feedback from Ashram residents:

"Everyone on the retreat was so happy. When they are happy, I am happy too."

"I like Swamiji. I like his easy-going personality."

"Here in the Ashram feels like home , feels like being with the family. I had a dream with Swamiji after the retreat. He took me to a space of absolute peace."

"I found the peace. I found the purpose and answer to my questions."

"The retreat was beautiful , I can't imagine how it could be better. I prefer more yoga more Meditation, the evening meditation could have been one hour not 20 minutes. Swamiji is a cool. I felt crushed after he has left."

Feedback from Retreatants

"Simplicity in teachings while Swamiji teaching is really appreciated."

"I am privileged to be here. It is a road to peace to share with others. The world out there needs it. Working together we can achieve everything ."

"Ashram was blissful. This is my third retreat with Swamiji"

"I Found the peace. Swamiji has very nurturing energy. I Liked Swami Venkatesananda's puja. Really like the yoga and the style of teaching. Like to listen to my own voice. I Like the kirtan every day."

"I am grateful that this Ashram and this tradition that is still alive."

"I like the structure of the program. Yoga for me was advanced. I Like the discussion. It is something i can take home."

"It will be nice this retreat to run more than once in the year."

"Every year I learn something new. I have participated in all the programs this year."

"We go out full with food for the body and the soul. Watching you Swamiji you are the peace itself. Everyone was so friendly."

"The Love between everyone brings peace."

"Goodness of people is very moving for me. I was doubtful if I could get peace in one week but I really feel I got it. Yoga nidra every day was a treat. More movement in the morning will be appreciated."

"Evening satsangs were overflowing. Havans great. Will keep me going till next year."

"I was in peace with everyone. Peace is not to isolate yourself. You can find peace within group of people. Enjoyed meditation. Reminded me of Vipassana retreats. Enjoined Havans. I like Swamiji's innocence - he is like a child. He is a high calibre teacher."

"Thank you for giving up your peace to be here with us."

"I was impressed by the title of the retreat. Swamiji presence was absolute delight. I would prefer quite mealtimes."

"I Love the humour and the Joy of Swamiji."

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