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Jnana Yoga Sunday Mornings - Shanker Madan

Be As YOU Are The Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi edited by David Godman - currently being read.

On the discussion today 6th August 2023, Shanker comments:

The entire process of evolution is predicated on conditioning and the desire to be something other than what 'I am'.

It is entirely based on living in a perceived world through, with and by perceptions. Everyone and everything lives in knowingness and as such in consciousness and knowledge that stems from such awareness. But not necessarily in Self-Realisation. Self realisation however, is only available to mature and discerning intellect which alone has the capacity to distinguish between real and unreal, which alone has the capacity to live and love in oneness beyond the pulls and pushes dictated by senses and selfishness. Animals too live in and with consciousness but they cannot say "hey that is me ; and 'that too is me.' There cannot be question of detachment from suffering and pain until one has felt that pain. There is no waking up until one has been in a dream and then when one Realises this is but a dream. One who is always living in a dream will never wake up. Most people are living in a dream and continue to live in the dream world they have made up. People spend lives after lives living in dreams they cook up moment to moment from life to life. Have they the discernment to realise that 'it is but a dream'?

Yes there is probably no difference in the way we live but there will be difference in the mental make up of one who has woken up and the one who is still asleep. Everyone being God, as it were, sadly, God too has to go through this process that you cannot enjoy the taste of something and 'want it once more' and at the same time be the God that one is.

Shanker Madan

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