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Letter from board member

Dear Sivananda Ashram community,

Just a brief letter to introduce myself as a recent member of the Board. My name is Terry Doyle, I started coming to the ashram in the mid 80’s, continuing to the early nineties, then starting up again about three years ago. I first became acquainted with eastern wisdom in the late seventies, I recall thinking that nothing really made sense to me until I stumbled across Zen Buddhism- there was a deep resonance. I became familiar with Vedanta when I started coming to yoga and then satsang at the ashram, I greatly valued the open, inclusive nature of the Sivananda approach, all paths to truth are respected regardless of the tradition, and especially came to value Vedanta. I would certainly call it life changing.

I regret not meeting Venkatesananda, although he has become familiar to me through the many DVDs of his that I have watched, the many books/ translations of his that I have read, and continue to read; not to mention the contagious enthusiasm and love that Shoba exudes when talking about him.

I hope to contribute more to the ashram through my inclusion on the board, I feel very fortunate to have stumbled across it so many years ago, it has become an important place for me.

Thanking You

Terry Doyle

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