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Celebrate Navaratri at Sivananda Ashram
9 days dedicated to the Cosmic Divine Mother

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Navaratri is a significant time to celebrate the gift of Mother, to pay respect and reverence to our Mothers.

We pray to the Divine Cosmic Mother for inner strength and skill to combat problems in life by fasting and meditating. Refraining from over indulging in sense objects during this time of Navaratri.

The prayer in Sanskrit chanting and meditation performed during this time helps to connect with the innermost depth of our lives. Even the subtle energies in the environment enhance and assist, one’s experience of reaching the Spirit. When negative tendencies like lethargy , inertia, pride, obsession, cravings and aversions are overcome, there is happiness and celebration.


You feel lighter.


We have limited rooms available for the nine days for $610pp, during Navaratri. Send us an email and reserve your place.

Purchase a Pass then email us the day/days you would like to attend.

Member Discounts apply

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