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with Nirtana Vivienne Robertson


A weekend retreat into the inner terrain through mystical practices from the Sufi tradition




Friday evening 9th of June, 7pm -9pm (casual attendance available)

Saturday 10th, 10-5pm

Sunday 11th, 10-3pm


WHERE:  Sivananda Ashram, Beaconsfield



Price full weekend Fri - Sun: | $220  

Residential - shared (2 nights, meals incl.) | $130

Residential – single (2 nights, meals incl.) | $180

Casual attendance Friday night only | $25




Join the caravan of companions for sacred time in the garden of the timeless. We will share practices of mystical presence through breath, light, sound, meditation, movement and zikr - the ceremony of remembrance.

A wave flows from the ocean of the Infinite and arrives at our shore. The vocation and practice of the Sufi wayfarer is to tune our hearts, plunge in and be drawn to what Rumi calls the 'root of the root of the root of your Self'. 

First there is love. Then the cosmos comes into being. Finally, out of the cosmos emerges the heart containing the love from which the cosmos was born. (Hz Inayat Khan)


PRESENTER:  Nirtana Vivienne Robertson 

Nirtana Vivienne Robertson is a representative, teacher and retreat guide in the Inner School of the Inayatiyya Sufi tradition, and a leader and mentor in the Dances of Universal Peace. She leads Sufi and Dances classes and retreats, including in collaboration with First Nations elders. She is passionate about the arts, and creative director of Reclaim the Void, which draws together Sufi, Indigenous and artistic threads. 

The Inayatiyya Sufi lineage is universalist and holds a focus on the sacredness of nature. All are welcome.

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