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100 days

Dear Chinmaya

I'm so very grateful to you and the Ashram for this incredible 100 days!

It has been transformational. You've created a special place here and you and the Ashram will hold a very special place in my heart.... I don't know how i would have handled the things going on in my life with out all that was offered to me here.... I felt sage, calm and able to heal.

I've learned so much from you! I will think of you often, with much gratitude that I was able to be a small part of this community for 100 days.

As spoken today i feel ready for the next chapter and keen to embrace the adventures ahead.

It's been so welcoming here and I felt part of your family with Maria and Sita! Thank you for being so kind and generous.

I shall miss you!

I wish you much joy

I take with me wonderful memories and a beautiful mala, mantras and spiritual name.

Prem + Om



July 2019

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